Bible Poems for Reflection and Response

Merritt's new book serves as an introduction to God's Word and draws readers slowly, one day and Bible passage and poem at a time, into a more intimate relationship with our Father. It's also for those who have a solid faith but are seeking an even deeper connection and a way to apply what's in the Bible to their everyday lives. Cover photo by Bri Loyot. Click here for more info.
"A wonderful addition to your devotional library or a perfect gift for someone who needs encouragement during difficult times." ~Judy Christie

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No Winter Maintenance

Merritt's sixth book of poetry begins with her husband's infidelity and makes clear that no woman (certainly not this poet) will put up with that. This collection of 60 poems includes reflections and observations about society, human behavior, and the healing gift of nature. Click here for more info.
"I found the poems knife cuttingly precise in their intelligence and human observations and I discovered myself haunted by them days after I’d read them."~Bruce Cohen

We Walk Together

The idea for this chapbook began with Merritt's encounter with a homeless man. Realizing she would never know his story, she began wondering about so many nameless others. These twenty-two poems have been described as "drops of conscience." Cover art by Chris Demarest.

"Her poems feature troubled students, homeless people, mothers and wives, individuals of all kinds in moments of panic or confusion . . . these poems provide a glimmer of hope in a world buffeted with disheartening news." ~Ginny Lowe Connors

Her House and Other Poems

From walks in the woods to ocean strolls, from a good glass of wine to celebrating joy in growing older, this collection speaks to the heart with poems about everyday life. Cover art by Wendell Minor.

"Playful observations of nature, moments of deep comfort and passion, and the ongoing loving struggle of capturing feelings with words . . ." ~Dave Morrison

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What's Wrong With Ordinary? Poems to Celebrate Life

Poetry for Tough Times, Volume Three

After losing her job and nursing her husband through an aggressive cancer, Merritt reflects on the everyday blessings in life (a snowfall, good food, raising children), while taking the time to poke fun at subjects such as menopause.

"Donna Marie Merritt takes us through times of stress, worry, and everyday routines with honesty, insight, and humor." ~Mary Harwell Sayler

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Cancer, A Caregiver's View

Poetry for Tough Times, Volume Two

As the poet navigates the unexpected medical and personal world of her husband's cancer, she takes the reader along a journey that encompasses fear, anger, sorrow, laughter, and ultimately, joy in surprising and unfamiliar places.

"These intimate notes from a beloved wife to her cancer-patient husband provide a tender testimony to the healing power of undying love." ~Charles Ghigna

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Job Loss, A Journey in Poetry

Poetry for Tough Times, Volume One

Walking into the office one morning, she is met by the HR person, given a box, told her position has been eliminated, and asked to pack her things. Feeling betrayed, angry, hurt, and shocked, Donna's response is to write poetry.

"This book is a must for anyone who has gone through the emotional angst of having employment suddenly whisked away." ~Lee Bennett Hopkins

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