Donna Marie Merritt is the author of seven books of poetry . . . Bible Poems for Reflection and Response (2020), No Winter Maintenance: Pass at Your Own Risk (2017), We Walk Together (2015), Her House and Other Poems, (2013), What’s Wrong with Ordinary? Poems to Celebrate Life (2012), Cancer, A Caregiver’s View (2011), and Job Loss, A Journey in Poetry (2010). Click here for more about her poetry.

Merritt's poems have also appeared in magazines, school reading programs, language arts books, and American Library Association’s Book Links, along with anthologies such as Yale Medical Group's Caduceus, the Garbanzo Literary Journal, and for children, National Geographic's Book of Nature Poetry and Little, Brown's One Minute Till Bedtime. The newest is National Geographic's The Poetry of Us.

Teensy Meensy Mice is her seventeenth children's book. Click here for more about her children's books.

A Special Message from Donna for Kids...

Hi! I am a lucky grown-up. I'm lucky because I LOVE my job. My job is to write. I write children's books, poems, and stories for magazines and reading programs. What could be better than that?

Did you guess my job? That's right! I'm an author. You'll see my name on the books on this website. Sometimes you'll see Donna Marie Merritt, but many of my books have pen names. A pen name (or pseudonym) is a made-up name authors can choose to use. Some books say Christine Casteel; Christine is my youngest daughter and Casteel is my grandparents' last name! Other books say Brianna Cain; Brianna is my oldest daughter and Cain is my great-grandparents' last name!

You can find my books in schools and libraries. One of my favorite parts about being an author? I get to see YOU at school, read my books, and answer your questions! Your teacher can ask about school visits through my CONTACT page.